15-Hour USPAP, Principles (A101) & Procedures (A102) - Denver/Hybrid

Starts:  Mar 7, 2022 08:00 AM (MT)
Ends:  Mar 24, 2022 05:00 PM (MT)

The 15-Hour National USPAP Course focuses on the requirements for ethical behavior and competent performance by appraisers that are set forth in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). The course material emphasizes the role of the appraiser and the impartiality associated with this role. Special responsibilities of the appraiser with regard to impartiality are explored in detail. In addition to lectures, the course includes discussion problems that show how USPAP applies in situations that appraisers encounter in everyday practice. These examples address issues frequently experienced by appraisers as professionals in the appraisal of real property, personal property, and business or intangible assets, and in appraisal review. This course is designed to aid appraisers seeking competency in USPAP, in all areas of appraisal practice including those subject to state licensing or certification and continuing education requirements imposed by professional organizations, client groups, or employers.

Contact Hours: 14 classroom hours + 1 hour exam

Dates: March 7th-8th, 2022
: Chris Greenwalt, ARA, RPRA
Pricing: $539/Member, $739/Nonmember
Format: Livestream Broadcast

This four-day course will introduce you to real property concepts and characteristics, legal considerations, influences on real estate values, types of value, economic principles, market area analysis, highest and best use, and ethical considerations.

The course should provide a solid foundation in basic appraisal principles no matter what appraisal specialty you pursue.

By successfully completing the course and exam, you will have met most states' education requirements in the content area identified as basic appraisal principles.

If you are considering a career in professional valuation services, your journey should begin with Basic Appraisal Principles.

Co-developed by the Appraisal Institute, ASA, and ASFMRA

Required Equipment & Textbooks: The Appraisal of Real Estate, Fifteenth Edition; HP-12c, HP-17bII or HP-19bII calculator (Click here for basic information how to use an HP-12c)

Suggested Textbook: The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal, Sixth Edition

Contact Hours: 28 hours + 2 hour exam

Dates: March 14th-17th, 2022
: Jake Minton, ARA; Mark Williams, ARA
Pricing: $639/Member, $859/Nonmember
Format: Hybrid

A102 Basic Appraisal Procedures is an introductory course for those preparing for a career in valuation services. The course is the second in the curriculum sequence of qualifying education required by states for those individuals pursuing appraisal licensure and certification.

Students will learn the basic appraisal procedures with concentration on the appraisal process and an emphasis on rural properties and techniques. Topic themes run throughout the course to focus student learning on defining the appraisal problem, collecting and selecting data, analyzing the data using the three valuation approaches, reconciling the approaches and communicating with the client and intended user of the appraisal service. An integrated case study will guide the students through the appraisal process. Beginning with neighborhood analysis and concluding with the final value opinion, the students will appraise a rural residential property with multiple land uses.

The content is divided into five units: The Valuation Process, Area and Neighborhood Analysis, Highest and Best Use, The Approaches, and Reconciliation. Within each unit there is a set(s) of student learning goals, definitions and concepts, and examples. Each unit is completed with a set of classroom exercises and finally a review and quiz. The student will be well prepared for the exam if they follow the recommended timeline for completing the case study as each unit is presented.

Required Equipment & Textbooks: HP-12c calculator. You must be familiar with calculator operation when the course begins. Answers to problems in course material are shown using the HP-12c. Do not come to class expecting to be taught how to use a financial calculator. (Click here for basic information how to use an HP-12c)

Suggested Textbook: The Appraisal of Real Estate, Fifteenth Edition; Appraising Residential Properties, Third Edition; The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal, Sixth Edition.

Contact Hours: 28 hours + 2 hour exam

Dates: March 21st-24th, 2022
: Rebecca Stone, ARA, Brian Gatzke, ARA
Pricing: $639/Member, $859/Nonmember
Format: Hybrid

Three-Course Bundle Rate - $1,349 for All

These courses will be Hybrid (some students in person, some online), with the exception of the 15-Hour USPAP. Upon registering, you will either select Hybrid Livestream Registration or In Person Registration. If you select the Hybrid Livestream Registration, you will be sent a Zoom link to access this course the week before the course start date. If you select the In Person Registration, you will be expected to attend the offering In Person in Denver, CO throughout the duration of the offering.

***For an in-person offering to be held, we must reach a minimum of 10 in-person participants three weeks prior to the first day of the course. If this minimum is not met, we will move this offering strictly to a livestream format via ZOOM. Any in-person registrants will be notified at this time. 

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