Ag News, December 28, 2011

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Iowa Land Values Explode 32.5% Over Year Ago

The value of Iowa farmland burst 32.5% higher compared to 2010, the largest percentage increase in history, according to the Iowa State University’s annual land values survey. The previous record percentage gain was 31.9% set in 1973. That’s when land values rose $154 an acre and reached a state average of $635 an acre.
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Land Prices:  What Is Driving This Vehicle Anyway?

Very few Cornbelt farmers are unaware that 74 acres of northwestern Iowa farmland reached the $20,000 per acre mark this past week, with one farmer purchasing the land from an out of state owner.  It was the second occasion in a short period of time that Sioux County, IA farmland established a new record for land values.  But what is driving those values?

Ray Brownfield, AFM, ARA on “This Week in Agribusiness”

ASFMRA member, Ray Brownfield, AFM, ARA was interviewed on Orion & Max (WGN Radio 720) on “This Week in Agribusiness” on December 17, 2011. Brownfield talks about land values.

California water research gets boost with Laval gift
Fresno State, From Western Farm Press

Research into the most pressing water issues facing Central California will significantly expand with a gift to Fresno State from local entrepreneur Claude Laval. The university will receive $300,000 over two years to establish the Claude Laval Water Research Fund.
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Tech Tips
From Fred Jaynes, ARA

In case you missed out on the technology discussions at AgroNomics, Annual Meeting in Phoenix here are some more of the links to great websites, apps and tools that came out of the discussions. There are probably one or two or more that you can put to work for you right now.

Wireless Touchpad

M-DISC – Write Once and Read Forever

Encrypted USB Flash Drives

Cookies and Supercookies

Password Security

News & Announcements from The Appraisal Foundation

Appraiser Qualifications Board Meeting
On December 9, the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) held its fourth public meeting of 2011 in Houston, Texas. The AQB adopted these proposed revisions contained in the Fifth Exposure Draft. The following changes to the Criteria will take effect for individuals seeking a real property appraiser credential as of January 1, 2015 (unless adopted earlier by a particular state or jurisdiction):
  Education and experience must be completed prior to taking the National Uniform Licensing and Certification Examinations;
  Applicants for the Certified Residential and Certified General classifications must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university;
  Applicants for the Licensed Residential classification shall successfully complete 30 semester hours of college-level education from an accredited college, junior college, community college, or university or  have an Associate’s degree or higher from an accredited college, junior college, community college, or university;
  All candidates must undergo a background check;
  Recognition of university degree programs as counting toward the education requirements in the Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria;
  Removal of the “Segmented” Approach to the Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria
  Prohibition of repetitive continuing education in the same continuing education cycle;
  Clarification of the term “written examination;”
  Revisions to the Trainee Appraiser classification that include a requirement to take a course oriented to the requirements and responsibilities of Trainee Appraisers and Supervisory Appraisers;
 New Supervisory Appraiser requirements

To read more about the AQB meeting, click on this link or go to

The Appraisal Practices Board (APB) has issued the following Summary of its Meeting on December 12, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia:
Appraisal Practices Board Public Meeting Summary – Atlanta – December 12, 2011
Direct Link:

Questions?  Please contact Staci Steward, Practices Administrator at 202.624.3052.

The next public meeting of the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) is approaching.  Please take the time to register for this meeting if you plan to attend.

DoubleTree by Hilton
Savannah Historic District
411 West Bay Street
Savannah, GA 31401


Friday, February 10, 2012
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

For more info or to register:

Free Video Released:

The video was filmed in Washington, DC in conjunction with the fall meeting of The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council (TAFAC). It is divided into five sections and includes simultaneous PowerPoint presentations as well as audience questions and answers.
View the video:

The Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) has issued the following Questions & Answers document for December 2011:

Appraiser Qualifications Board Q&A, Vol. 3, No. 2, December 2011
Issued on December 20, 2011
Questions?  Please contact Magdalene Vasquez, Qualifications Administrator at 202.624.3074 or

Soybean Trait Changes Game without Affecting Performance

Soybean traits come and go, but the latest trait to hit the market may just have game-changing possibilities. High-oleic soybeans provide a new soybean oil prepared to meet evolving customer demands. But, experts say it doesn’t have to lower soybean farmers’ expectations in the field.

High-oleic soybeans followed an extensive research timeline prior to becoming commercially available. This timeline helps the varieties perform as well as, or even better than existing soybean varieties.

Monsanto and Pioneer both plan launches of this trait in limited markets at first, with Monsanto introducing Vistive Gold® and Pioneer selling their seed as Plenish™. The high-oleic varieties will be available in several maturity groups and with a broad range of agronomic packages.

Farmers don’t have to take the seed companies’ word for it. They can rely on fellow farmers as well. Jenera, Ohio, farmer John Motter planted and saw high-oleic varieties perform first-hand on his farm in 2011. His management plan for these varieties resembled what he used throughout his operation.

“We started with a pre-emergence application of Canopy and glyphosate followed by a post-emergence application of glyphosate, as well,” says Motter. “We chose not to apply Warrior, although neighbors saw enough insect pressure to do so.”

The high-oleic soybeans Motter planted performed slightly above his farm’s soybean yield average and slightly above Ohio’s estimated average, as well.

“These varieties performed the same as varieties that have been on the market for a few years,” says Motter. “As new soybean varieties with the trait are still being introduced, we will need to handle them differently than more common soybean varieties, but performance does not appear to be an issue.”

Right now, the opportunity for U.S. soybean farmers to plant high-oleic soybeans will be based on locations where soybean processors and seed companies develop agreements.

Aggressive commercialization of high-oleic soybean varieties provides U.S. soybean farmers the opportunity to reclaim lost soybean oil market share and positively impact their profit potential by meeting customer demands.

Exclusive offer to members – Pro Farmer 2011 Annual Land Report

Through special arrangement with Pro Farmer, ASFMRA members may receive their just-published 2011 Annual Land Report at the low Pro Farmer members-only rate. The 22-page report, available in electronic format only, normally carries a retail price of $99. But ASFMRA members may purchase it at the $29 Pro Farmer members-only rate by using the special promo code ASFMRA. Just login to Member Resources to get complete info on purchasing and downloading the report or call 800-772-0023 to request the report via email. Be sure to mention the ASFMRA promo code.

Update Your Calendars with the Latest Meetings and Education Schedule

Stay current with all the programs and activities taking place within ASFMRA and the industry. Bookmark the ASFMRA website and check the calendar regularly. View the complete schedule of ASFMRA courses.

7/16-20  ASFMRA Summer Education Week – Des Moines, IA
9/9-13  Leadership Institute – Washington, DC
10/28-11/2 ASFMRA 83rd Annual Convention & Trade Show (Agronomics) – Indianapolis, IN

1/11-13 Wyoming Chapter Annual Meeting & Education – Casper, WY
1/11 Appraising Residential Properties – Casper, WY
1/11 Farm Management/Agricultural Consulting I – Fresno, CA
1/12 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Casper, WY
1/13 Appraisals Through the Eyes of the Reviewer – Casper, WY
1/12-13 Kentucky Chapter Annual Meeting & Education – Lexington, KY
1/12 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Lexington, KY
1/17 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Effingham, IL
1/18-19 Ohio Chapter Annual Meeting – Worthington, OH
1/18-20 South Dakota Chapter Winter Education and Joint Meeting with PAASD – Chamberlain, SD
1/19 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Chamberlain, SD
1/20 Appraising Natural Resources Seminar – Chamberlain, SD
1/23-24 North Dakota Chapter Meeting & Education – Fargo, ND
1/23 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Fargo, ND
1/23-25 Valuation of Conservation Easements – Sacramento, CA
1/24 Appraisals Through the Eyes of the Reviewer – Fargo, ND
1/25-26 Minnesota Chapter Annual Meeting & Education – Mankato, MN
1/25 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Mankato, MN
1/26 Capital Improvements, Budgeting & International Consulting – Mankato, MN
1/26 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Sacramento, CA
1/26-27 Idaho-Utah Chapter Annual Meeting – Logan, UT
1/26 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Logan, UT
1/27 AgWare ClickForms Presentation – Logan, UT
1/27 The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council General Session Meeting – Washington, DC
1/30-31 Oregon Chapter Annual Meeting and Education – Keizer, OR
1/30 ASFMRA Best Business Ethics Class – Keizer, OR
1/31 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Keizer, OR
1/31-2/2 Iowa Chapter Annual Meeting – Ames, IA

2/7 Montana Chapter Annual Meeting & Education – Billings, MT
2/8-9 New Mexico Chapter Meeting – Ruidoso, NM
2/10 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Ruidoso, NM
2/10 Appraisal Standards Board – Savannah, GA
2/13-14 Indiana Chapter Winter Annual Meeting & Education – Lafayette, IN
2/14-16 Nebraska Chapter Annual Meeting & Education – Kearney, NE
2/14 Sales Comparison Approach Seminar – Kearney, NE
2/15-16 Colorado Chapter Spring Meeting & Education – Colorado Springs, CO
2/15 7- Hour National USPAP Update Course – Bloomington, IL
2/16 7- Hour National USPAP Update Course – Colorado Springs, CO
2/16-17 Illinois Chapter Annual Meeting – Bloomington, IL
2/22-24 Kansas Chapter Annual Meeting & Education – Salina, KS
2/22 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Salina, KS
2/23 Animal Agriculture’s Story: Economics, Impacts, Perceptions and Ramifications – Salina, KS
2/22-25 A101 Basic Appraisal Principles – Denver, CO
2/23-24 Arizona Chapter Spring Ag Outlook Forum – Tempe, AZ
2/23 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Tempe, AZ
2/26-29 A102 Basic Appraisal Procedures – Denver, CO

3/5-6 A360 Introduction to Appraisal Review – Denver, CO
3/7-9 A370 Appraisal Review Under USPAP
3/15-16 North Carolina Chapter Spring Meeting & Education – Cary, NC
3/15 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Cary, NC
3/16 Appraising Rural Residential Properties – Cary, NC
3/19-22 A301 Cost Approach for General Appraisers – Denver, CO
3/21 Iowa Chapter and RLI Spring Seminar – Ames, IA
3/21-22 Illinois Land Values Conference – Bloomington, IL
3/28-29 California Chapter Spring Ag Outlook Conference – Visalia, CA

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