Ag News, November 26, 2013

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Apple’s revamped ‘Siri’ takes on agriculture’s questions
Cary Blake

Deserving of a chuckle was the response to this question, “What are California almonds?” Siri’s response, “I couldn’t find any info on the home runs for California.” Good answer actually. Every almond grower in California knows that the tree nut is a nutritious home run hit food with consumers around the world.  Read more:

US agriculture readies for China’s baby boom?
by Chris Bennett in Farm Press Blog

The kids are not alright in China — and the effect of a population shift could have significant implications for U.S. agriculture.

Thirty years of a government mandated one-child policy have flipped China’s family tree into the dreaded 4-2-1 formation — four grandparents; two parents; and one child. Despite China’s present 1.4 billion population, the long-terms effects of a 4-2-1 combo have Beijing officials tabulating some bitter demographic numbers and facing the realization that a one-child policy is a one-way ticket to economic ruin.
Continue reading on the Western Farm Press:

California grape crush is big on size and quality
Farm Press Staff | Western Farm Press

Wine grape vintners and growers throughout California reported another high quality and generous vintage in 2013. Following a warm and dry spring with near ideal conditions for bringing grapes to maturity, harvest was remarkably smooth and wineries are at capacity and working with some very high quality wine grapes. Nat DiBuduo, President of Allied Grape Growers, said the crop estimate in 2013 equals that of 2012. “We believe the wine grape crush could be four million tons …
Continue reading on the Western Farm Press website:

Broadband service for rural areas: The promise still exceeds reality
Hembree Brandon

In many rural areas, Internet access is either woefully slow dial-up or satellite, which is generally expensive, slower, and less feature-laden than fiber optic-based service in cities. Even in fair-size cities, Internet service often comes down two monopolistic sources, the telephone company and the cable company — both of which tend to provide as little speed as possible for as much money as possible.
Continue reading on the Delta Farm Press:

Videos & Photos from AgroNomics 84th Annual Meeting in Reno

Check out some great videos of members and speakers on a wide variety of topics:  
Jeff Berg, ARA on Summer Ed Week:
Stephen Frerichs on Watching out for Washington:
Gary Thien, AFM – Award winner:
Farm Management Training by Mike Krause, AFM:
Merrill Swanson, ARA on Leadership Institute:
Speaker Dr. Robert Fraley:  
JoAnn Wall:

View more photos, access press releases and presentations at:

Pro Farmer Members Still in the Market to Buy Farmland
From LandOwner News

Despite the plunge in grain and soybean prices and forecasts for tightening profit margins well past next year, a large portion of Pro Farmer Members say they will be in the market to buy farmland next year.

Our third annual online survey conducted mid-month found 49% of our Members answering “yes” to the question: Are you in the market to buy farmland within the next year?
Login to Member Resources to download the latest issue and read more:

Official Notification – Bylaws and Policy and Procedure Manual Changes

The following proposed amendments to the Society’s Bylaws (#1) and Policy and Procedure Manual (#2 and #3) were presented to the membership. On November 12, 2013, at the ASFMRA Board of Directors Meeting in Reno, Nevada, the proposed amendments passed. You may obtain a current copy of the Bylaws and the Policy and Procedure Manual on the ASFMRA Web site or on AgProLink for the Bylaws click here and for the Policy and Procedure Manual click here

Testified in Court? What You Need to Know

If you recently testified in court on opposing sides of another ASFMRA member, according to the ASFMRA Code of Ethics, Article 14, “All Society members who testify as an expert and give an opinion before a tribunal where another member testifies for the opposing party are required to file a case report with the Society office within 30 days after date of testimony. A tribunal is a body or individual who renders a final decision. Depositions are not final decisions.”

Regardless of your membership classification or specialty, this applies to all ASFMRA members. As noted by the ASFMRA Executive Vice President, “One of the advantages of belonging to a great professional Society like ours is this exact process. By submitting the testimony, we are policing ourselves to ensure ASMFRA members are delivering the highest quality and most ethical reviews and appraisals. “Most Trusted” is not just a tagline.”

If you find yourself testifying in court on opposing sides of another ASFMRA member, simply complete the Appraisal Review Case Report form and return it to Hope Evans with any additional information you wish to provide as indicated in Note 2 on the form. Please indicate on the envelope it is Confidential and include Hope Evans’ name then it will be delivered directly to her unopened. Thank you to all ASFMRA members for making the Society one of the elite organizations in the agricultural profession.

2013 Education Foundation Auction – Another Success Thanks To You!

Auction Donors…Thanks for your Support!
Aaron Bierschwale, ARA & Wade Kubecka, ARA
Agri/Com Appraisals
Bierschwale Family
Boyd Harris
Brenda DeVries, ARA
Bret Cude, AFM
Brian and Michele Stockman
Colorado Chapter ASFMRA
Consolidated Appraisal Services Company
David GaNun, ARA
Deon Herndon, ARA
Dick and Conni Edmunds
Don & Doris Cochran
Donald and Lori Fisher and Scott and Kelly Fisher
DuPont Pioneer
Eddie and Sheryl Lumpee
Farmers National Company
Florida Chapter ASFMRA
Georgia Chapter ASFMRA
Glaub Farm Management
Hall and Hall
Helen Honse, RPRA
Hertz Farm Management, Inc.
Howard Audsley, ARA
Illinois Chapter ASFMRA
Indiana Chapter ASFMRA
Iowa Chapter ASFMRA
Jerry & Naomi Warner
Jim & Mary Rickert, Western Ag Services, Clay & Stefanie Jacobson
Jim and Jean Farrell
Jim and Mary Rickert
John Ross
Juliana Young, ARA
Kansas Chapter ASFMRA
Keith Barlow, ARA
Kentucky Chapter ASFMRA
Kirk and Ann Weih
Lowell Akers, AFM, ARA
Mary Rickert
Mid-South Chapter ASFMRA
Minnesota Chapter ASFMRA
Missouri Chapter ASFMRA
Montana Chapter ASFMRA
New Mexico Chapter ASFMRA
North Carolina Chapter ASFMRA
Northeast Chapter ASFMRA
Oklahoma Chapter ASFMRA
Oregon Chapter ASFMRA
Pepper Appraisal Services, LLC
Roos & Associates, Inc.
South Dakota Chapter ASFMRA
Stanley Miles
Steve & Jane Motsinger
The Loranda Group, Inc.
Tony Correia, ARA
Upper Midwest Management Corp
V. Keith Barlow, ARA
Valley Irrigation
Warren Land and Livestock
Washington Chapter ASFMRA
Washington Chapter ASFMRA & Associate Appraisals
Washington Chapter ASFMRA and Hatley/Cobb Farmland Management
Williams & Associates, Inc.
Winnie Stortzum, ARA
Wisconsin Chapter ASFMRA
Wyoming Chapter ASFMRA

Auction Buyers…Thanks for your Support!
Mark Akers, ARA
Dale Aupperle, AFM, ARA
George Baird, IV, AFM
Maurice Baker
V. Keith Barlow, ARA
David Bartlett, ARA
Ray Batten
Jeffrey Berg, ARA
Stan Bevers, AFM
Justin Bierschwale, ARA
Paul Bierschwale, ARA
John Botsford, ARA
Dwayne Breyer
Loyd Brown, AFM, ARA
Ray Brownfield, AFM
Scott Case
Cheryl Cooley
H. Ketih Crow, ARA
Cliff Curtis, ARA
Brenda DeVries, ARA
Marlo Dill, ARA
Richard Edmunds, ARA, AAC
Norm Edwards, ARA
Mark Elder
Ronald Ensz, ARA
Timothy Fevold, AFM
Donald Fisher, ARA
Brian Gatzke, ARA
David GaNun, ARA
Kurt Hardung, ARA
Boyd Harris
James Hastings, ARA
Fred Hepler, AFM, AAC
Jerry Hicks, AFM
Paul Joerger, AFM
Terry Kestner, ARA, RPRA
Michael Krause, AFM
J. Dan LeValley
Darrell Limkeman, AFM, ARA
Terry Longtin, AFM
Edward Lumpee, ARA
Jay Luse, AFM, ARA
Deborah Martin
Kevin McCarty
Stacey Meneses, ARA
Paul Moore, ARA, RPRA
Ward Nefstead, Ph.D.
Linda Lue Newell
Mark Peterson, AFM, ARA, AAC
Rodney Phelps
Corey Prins, AFM
Dennis Reyman, AFM, ARA
Mary Rickert
John Ross
Steve Runyan, ARA
W. David Snook
Randall Sook, AFM
Michele Stockman
Winnie Stortzum, ARA
Merrill Swanson, ARA
Gery Thien, AFM, ARA
Nathan Tonne
JoAnn Wall, ARA
Kirk Weih, AFM
Mark Williams, ARA
Juliana Young, ARA

Education Foundation Fundraising Results

Silent Auction Total: $7,250.00

Live Auction Total: $30,750.00

Total Raised in 2013: $38,000.00

The Education Foundation wishes to extend many heartfelt thanks to the Auction Committee, countless volunteers, bidders, and donors for your support of the 2013 Education Foundation Auction! Your dedication, energy, and participation made this event a success!

Announcements from the Appraisal Foundation

APB Meeting – December 6, 2013 – Scottsdale, AZ

The next public meeting of the Appraisal Practices Board (APB) is approaching.  Please take the time to register for this meeting if you plan to attend.
The Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas
6333 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
Friday, December 6, 2013
9:00am – 12:00pm
Meeting Agenda:
The purpose of the APB is to issue voluntary guidance on recognized valuation methods and techniques in the marketplace. This guidance is designed to be of assistance to appraisers, appraiser regulators and educators.
Get complete info or register:

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