Ag News, May 1, 2012

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Supply: The Flip Side of Today’s Strong Land Market

LandOwner readers are well aware of the exceptional demand that’s driving land prices. But University of Nebraska-Lincoln Ag Economist Bruce Johnson reminds us supply (or rather the lack of supply) has been a prime contributor to the runup in land values as well. And he emphasizes an increase in supply could have a major impact on land values.
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Far West cotton weathers storm better than most
Harry Cline, Western Farm Press

The U.S. cotton industry has experienced historically volatile and economically brutal trading in the past 18 months, and the roller coaster ride may not be over.
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Turlock plant construction begins for Blue Diamond
Western Farm Press

Blue Diamond Growers, a cooperative owned by more than half of California’s almond growers, officially launched Phase 1 of its new manufacturing plant in Turlock today at an onsite groundbreaking ceremony. The 88-acre property is located at N. Washington and Fulkerth Roads.
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Save the Date – November 1st Education Foundation Auction

Make your plans now to attend the 83rd ASFMRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana as well as participate in the Education Foundation Auction on Thursday, November 1, 2012.
Consider a contribution in one or a combination of the following areas:

  • Donate an item to the Auction by simply completing the Donation Form and submitting it to the National office or participate in the Auction at the Annual Meeting.
  • SAVE THE DATE – November 1st (Tentatively scheduled) Education Foundation Auction in Indianapolis, Indiana!
  • Include a donation along with your dues invoice.
  • Make an annual gift or consider an Endowment.
  • Encourage your Chapters to make a donation.
  • Make a donation in Memory of or in Honor of a deceased fellow member.

These types of donations can be a great way to support the Education Foundation that has been beneficial to so many. Any expression of support is greatly appreciated, and as you know, your contribution is tax-deductible. Thank you!
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Impact of High Voltage Transmission Lines on Property Values

James Chalmers, known for his analysis of the impact of high voltage transmission lines on property values, presented the results of his recently completed research on this issue on Tuesday, April 17 in the Montana Tech Student Union Building.

The research presentation discussed his study of sales of properties located along the 500kV transmission lines in Montana.

After the Chalmers presentation, three Montana real estate professionals responded to help the public interpret these findings and the opportunities or constraints that they pose to understanding the possible impacts of other high voltage transmission lines:

• Sarah Bauer, broker, Big Sky Brokers, LLC, Boulder and Helena
• Kevin Pearce, ARA/broker-owner, New Frontier Ranches, Twin Bridges
• Katie Ward, broker, Katie Ward and Asso-ciates, Sheridan and Missoula

This event was hosted by the MSTI Review Project, a partnership of county commissioners and non-governmental organizations, which is providing an independent, transparent, and objective analysis of the proposed MSTI Transmission line.

There also was an opportunity for the public to ask questions. Beaverhead County Commissioner Tom Rice moderated the event.

Chalmers’ study covers 2000-2010 and analyzes a combination of 49 individual transactions and an even larger number of lot sales in eight subdivisions using personal interviews, sales comparisons, paired sales, and statistical techniques. Results are summarized for each property type, and the conditions that make properties vulnerable to transmission line impacts are identified.

For information on the MSTI Review Project visit

Chapter News

Washington Chapter Spring Meeting
The Washington Chapter held its spring meeting April 12-13 in the pleasant town of Prosser, Washington. The meeting content was the current USPAP and Ethics courses. It was well attended with 70% of the membership. Airfield Estates winery was the site of an evening buffet and winery tour. Mike Miller, shared the  family story of is grandfather settling in the area in the early days when irrigated was first available on the Roza. He share the WWII story that explains how their ranch was used as an airfield to train pilots. Marc Miller, Mike’s son, took the group “behind the curtain” of how they established the winery, the challenges, some trade secrets and how they have developed a loyal club membership.
It was a good setting to socialize and welcome some non-members who attended to get USPAP credits.
Our next meeting will be held in Pasco in September and the program is planned to be the National offering of “Best Practices” and a local topic of interest to be announced.

The 2012 Ag Lender’s & Appraiser’s Range Camp is set for June 10-13, 2012.  Camp headquarters is located about 20 miles northwest of Gillette at the P Cross Bar Ranch.  The WY Chapter of ASFMRA is hosting the event along with the SD Ag Lenders Range School.  The SD chapter of ASFMRA is a co-sponsor of the event.  Download a registration brochure or schedule/fees with complete info.

The Un-Comfort Zone
Robert Wilson, Jr.

“KABOOM! The Exploding Pain of Shame”

      Twelve years ago, I phoned a prospective client that I’d been courting for months. The last time we’d spoken, only a few weeks earlier, she expressed interest in my conducting a seminar for her company. This time she said, “I was in the audience at the Fox theatre last week; we won’t be needing your services.”

      My face burned red with shame, as her words forced me to recall the most challenging experience I’ve ever had as a humorist…

      …I stepped onto the stage and told my first joke. To my shock no one laughed. So, I moved right onto my next one. Again, no one laughed. I’d never experienced this before and I started to feel a sense of panic. Nevertheless, I forged ahead and told joke number three. Silence! I couldn’t understand it, I’d told these jokes dozens of times to dozens of audiences and they always laughed.

      Joke number four fell flat. I was now in full panic, and at one point I couldn’t even remember my next joke. I didn’t know what to do.
I didn’t know how to recover… (to read the entire article click here):

Update Your Calendars with the Latest Meetings and Education Schedule

Stay current with all the programs and activities taking place within ASFMRA and the industry. Bookmark the ASFMRA website and check the calendar regularly. View the complete schedule of ASFMRA courses.

7/16-20  ASFMRA Summer Education Week – Des Moines, IA
9/9-13  Leadership Institute – Washington, DC
10/28-11/2 ASFMRA 83rd Annual Convention & Trade Show (Agronomics) – Indianapolis, IN
4/30 Current Environmental Issues Seminar – Lancaster, PA
4/30 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Lufkin, TX
4/30 – 5/2 Valuation of Conservation Easements & Other Partial Interests – Denver, CO
4/30-5/2 Northeast Chapter Meeting, Tour and Education – Lancaster, PA

5/3 Appraising Agricultural Land in Transition – Jackpot, NV
5/4 Highest and Best Use Seminar – Jackpot, NV
5/4 Appraiser Qualifications Board Meeting – Chicago, IL
5/7-10 A290 General Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use – Denver, CO
5/10-11 Alabama Chapter Meeting – Auburn, AL
5/10 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Auburn, AL
5/11 Appraisals Through the Eyes of the Reviewer – Auburn, AL
5/17 Board of Trustees, Sponsoring Organizations, and NACAO Meeting – San Antonio, TX
5/21 Cost Approach Seminar – Austin, TX (FCB)
5/21-23 A380 Appraisal Review under UASFLA – Denver, CO
5/23-25 A390 Advanced Appraisal Review Case Studies – Denver, CO

6/4-8 A400 Advanced Rural Case Studies – Denver, CO
6/5 Implications of AQB Personal Property Guidelines Webinar – Internet
6/12-13 Administrative Review of Appraisals – Austin, TX (FCB)
6/21-22 Minnesota Chapter Summer Tour & Education – LuVerne, MN
6/25-28 A304 Integrated Approaches to Value – Denver, CO

7/16-18 Ag Land Management 1 – Des Moines, IA
7/16-18 Ag Land Management 2 – Des Moines, IA
7/16-18 Ag Land Management 3 – Des Moines, IA
7/16-19 A303 Income Approach for General Appraisers Part 1 – Des Moines, IA

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