Ag News, March 25, 2014

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Though it will still be a painful decline

Though it will still be a painful decline from three consecutive record-breaking years…

Net cash farm income could hit $110 billion in 2014…$8 billion or so more than USDA estimated in Feb. Since then, prospects have seen improvement.

Performance will vary greatly by sector, with some producers blessed and others in deep pain. Corn Belt operations, especially, may be squeezed. Land prices and rents, which soared in recent years, won’t drop as quickly as receipts from huge crops. Copyright 2014. The Washington Kipliger Editors, Inc. Login to Member Resources to download the latest edition:

Microsoft to buy Texas wind energy

Logan Hawkes – Southwest Farm Press: For many Americans, as our fathers might have said at least once during our years of childhood or especially during our adolescent years, “This is not the same world in which I grew up.”

For many of us, gone are the days of 12-cent comic books, 35-cent burgers and bottles of pop that sold for a dime–plus deposit. Movie matinees are no longer a buck and gasoline sells for considerably more than the 29 cents, 60 cents or even the dollar a gallon we grew up with. Continue reading on the Southwest Farm Press:

Website Down for Association Management Data Conversion……

Beginning April 9, 2014 ASFMRA will be installing a new web-based association management system to increase functionality and provide improved service for our members and our staff.  We are extremely excited about the new database and the functionality that it will provide to better support current and future membership needs. 

So what does this mean for our members?    

  • Online registration for any courses or meetings will be shut down completely as of 2:00 pm CST on April 9, 2014. While you won’t be able to register on-line, you can still call, fax or email your registration and we will ensure it is processed. For meetings and course registrations, please contact Deanna Ilk at or via phone at (303) 692-1222.    
  • The functionality to pay dues online, submit address changes online, and submit membership applications online will not be accessible. For all of your membership needs, please contact Hope Evans at or via phone at (303) 692-1216.
  • The AgProLink Open Forum will not be accessible
  • The online listings of chapter members and committee members will not be accessible.

Staff will be available to assist you during this time to take calls and help individuals with meeting registrations, payment of dues, address changes, membership applications, and any other membership needs.

You may encounter other portions of the ASFMRA website and AgProLink that are inaccessible during this process.  We will keep you, our valued members, informed of our progress. Please have patience with the Denver staff during the conversion. We anticipate that the entire conversion process will take approximately three weeks, so if you prefer online registrations, renewals, etc. please access the website prior to shut-down on April 9, 2014.  

OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION – ASFMRA Nominations – 2014-2015

The following two individuals will automatically advance to their new Council positions as President and President-Elect:

  • President Fred Hepler, AFM, AAC
  • President-Elect Merrill E. Swanson, ARA

The following six individuals have been nominated for positions on the ASFMRA Executive Council:

  • First Vice President, Michael J. Krause, AFM
  • District II Vice President, Jake Minton, ARA
  • District VI Vice President, David Englund, AFM
  • District VII Vice President, Marlo Dill, ARA
  • District VII Vice President, John K. Maus, ARA
  • District VII Vice President, Craig Warren, ARA

Download a pdf with complete information and bios on these nominations.

Correction: March 26, 2014: Download a pdf with complete info: Official Notification of ASFMRA Nominations – 2014-2015

Additional Nominations: The ASFMRA Bylaws provide for the nomination of additional names for the 2014-2015 election process.

Any additional nominations for these positions must be submitted within fifteen (15) days of this official notification – by April 9, 2014. Any additional membership nominees must be endorsed by at least 20 voting member signatures from a combination of two or more Chapters. Any member nominated in this manner must submit a signed, written statement verifying that the member is willing to serve if elected.

No later than 60 days prior to the end of the fiscal year – by August 1, 2014 – ballots will be mailed to appropriate voting members for the positions that have more than one nominee. Ballots are due in 15 days – by August 16, 2014.

No later than 45 days prior to the end of the fiscal year – by August 16, 2014 – completed ballots must be returned and received by the Society, with voting closed. The nominee receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected.

If, by August 1, 2014, only one nomination for a position exists, the requirements for the election of these nominees shall be deemed fulfilled and these nominees shall be elected by acclamation, thereby eliminating the ballot election process for these positions.

Fracking, UAV’s, Dreams and Pistachios…What do these have in common?

Calling All Appraisers: Are you attending the annual meeting? Are you thinking about attending the annual meeting? This could be the impetus! Have an interesting appraisal related topic you would like to discuss? Perhaps you just completed your demo and would like to talk on that. Would you like some exposure?  Please consider being a presenter during the Rapid Fire Sessions!

It is a great opportunity for someone from AZ or other southwest State to tell us about something unique to the area.  Not from AZ; tell us about something unique in your area. Some suggestions: Fracking; Apps for Appraisers; Wind presentation; Pistachio/Nut farm valuation; Environmental issues; Aerial application property risks.  Tell us about your nightmare, or your dream assignment!

The Rapid Fire Sessions were started 5 years ago as a day of mini-seminars regarding varied appraisal topics; the more diverse the better.  This past year we had topics including a right of way discussion, vineyards, grain facilities, greenhouse facilities, comparable sales in condemnation, and new technologies and their impacts on agriculture.  The reviews were awesome.

In the past these talks have been 60 minute to 90 minute presentations. We are in need of at least 6 volunteers to make the day work.  Could that be you? Help us make this annual meeting truly memorable.  You can do it!  Yes you can!

If you are interested, please contact Dave GaNun @

How many appraisers are left?

By Anne O’Rourke in Appraisal Today: I like to use California as it has always included trainees. is ok but includes duplicate licenses.

1994: 16,000 total licensed appraisers

1999: 11,000 total licensed appraisers

2007: 20,000 total licensed appraisers

2014: 12,232 total licensed appraisers

3,343 certified general appraiser;

6,147 certified residential appraiser;

1,906 appraiser licenses and 836 appraiser trainees.

total 12,232 appraisers

Quite a change up and down. Reflecting the mortgage market, of course!! Posted by appraiser Roy Villa. Thanks!!

Click here to post your comments at

Land Values Survey Invitation

Rural property professionals are always curious about land values, and many of our chapters, like Texas, Illinois, North Dakota and California assemble outstanding publications for their members.  Taking a cue from our chapters, we need your assistance in answering three short questions about land values in your part of the country.  This survey won’t take long, and we will be sure and share the overall results in an upcoming issue of AgNews.  You may access the survey here:

Refer a Colleague

Enjoy the networking, education and other benefits of ASFMRA membership? Take this opportunity to refer a colleague to ASFMRA:

Communications Survey

Let us know how we can improve E-News, AgProLink, the Membership Directory and other ASFMRA publications by completing this short survey (takes 3-5 minutes or less). Access the survey here:

Land Values Survey Invitation:

Rural property professionals are always curious about land values, and many of our chapters, like Texas, Illinois, and California assemble outstanding publications for their members.  Taking a cue from our chapters, we need your assistance in answering three short questions about land values in your part of the country.  This survey won’t take long, and we will be sure and share the overall results in an upcoming issue of AgNews. 

News from The Appraisal Foundation

The Appraisal Foundation Seeks Professionals for Newly Created National Talent Pool

Panelists will work closely with the Appraisal Practices Board The Appraisal Practices Board (APB) of The Appraisal Foundation is seeking valuation professionals for a national talent pool to serve as a resource to the Board as it develops future voluntary guidance on generally recognized valuation methods and techniques. “The idea of having a vast array of talent available as a resource for the Board just makes sense,” said Rick Baumgardner, Chair of the APB.  “We hope to identify hundreds of qualified people with specific areas of expertise and intend to use them individually as subject matter experts and collectively as a sounding board for future topics for board consideration,” he added. Under the direction of the APB, those chosen as subject matter experts will research recognized texts, journals, articles, educational offerings and other resources in order to provide voluntary guidance on emerging or complex issues. Subject matter experts are not compensated for their time but are recognized in all guidance issued by the APB, which are known as Valuation Advisories.  Examples of adopted Valuation Advisories include:

  • Identification of Contributory Assets and Calculation of Economic Rents
  • Adjusting Comparable Sales for Seller Concessions
  • Residential Appraising in a Declining Market
  • Identifying Comparable Properties
  • Identifying Comparable Properties in Automated Valuation Models for Mass Appraisal

Topics currently under consideration by the APB include:  

  • Collection and Verification of Sales Data
  • The Valuation of Customer-Related Assets (Business Valuation)  
  • The Valuation of Green Buildings:
  • Background and Core Competency  
  • Residential Green Buildings  
  • Non-Residential Green Buildings
  • Market Participant Acquisition Premiums (Control Premiums) (Business Valuation)
  • Contingent Consideration (Business Valuation)

If you are willing to share your expertise, be part of a broader conversation, and receive recognition for your contributions, click here for an application. Questions?  Please contact Staci Steward, Practices Board Administrator ( or 202.624.3052) with questions or if you would like additional information.

Call for Applicants

The Appraisal Foundation Seeks Candidates for the Board of Trustees and Appraisal Practices Board  

Application Deadline Approaching:

Board of Trustees

The Appraisal Foundation (TAF) is seeking qualified candidates to serve as At-Large Trustees on its Board of Trustees (BOT). 

Completed applications for the three At-Large Trustee vacancies must be received by March 14, 2014.

  • Two of the seats under consideration for the BOT this year are earmarked for a representative from academia and a licensed/certified real estate appraiser not affiliated with an Appraisal Sponsor of TAF.
  • To find out more about the BOT, review a list of qualifications, or download the application package, please click here.

Appraisal Practices Board

TAF is seeking up to three qualified candidates to serve on the Appraisal Practices Board (APB).   The APB is charged with identifying and issuing opinions on Recognized Valuation Methods and Techniques, which may apply to all disciplines within the appraisal profession. Completed applications for the vacancies must be received by March 10, 2014.

  • TAF will consider qualified business leaders with an interest in valuation or individuals involved in various appraisal disciplines such as business valuation or personal property.   
  • To find out more about the APB, review a list of qualifications, or download the application package, please click here. Questions?  Please contact Arika Cole, Councils Administrator at 202.624.3072.

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