Ag News, February 28, 2012

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Runaway costs make writing a bigger, better crop insurance plan tricky

As lawmakers hammer out a new five-year farm bill this year or next… farm state legislators and ag advocates expect to lose a fistful of farm supports. Instead, a robust crop and livestock insurance plan would be farmers’ main aid. Copyright 2012. The Kiplinger Washington Editors.

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Commodity Bull Market Roars Ahead; Positive for Land Demand – LandOwner

Underpinning the rise in farmland values is the bull market in commodities that, except for the setback triggered by the 2008 credit freeze, continues to roll on. As long as commodities roar ahead, land demand should remain strong.
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California propels US wine to booming export year
Wine Institute via Western Farm Press

Quality and value of California wines have propelled the U.S. wine industry to another record export year. U.S. wine exports, 90 percent from California, reached a new record of $1.39 billion in winery revenues in 2011.

New RPRA Website

Appraisal review is a growing area for Appraisers.  There has never been a better time to join the RPRA ranks!

ASFMRA has been the leader in appraisal review education for 20 years.  In 1991, ASFMRA established the first appraisal review education program and professional designation in the United States.   The Real Property Review Appraiser (RPRA) remains one of only two professional designations in appraisal review available in the US.  Nearly three times as many appraisers hold the RPRA designation than any other review designation.  The RPRA is widely recognized, particularly in government agencies, as the premiere review designation.  No organization in North America has trained more review appraisers than ASFMRA.

Check out the new RPRA website:

Introduction to Appraisal Review – Denver

March 5 through March 6, 2012
Doubletree Hotel Denver
Denver, CO
Get more information or register:

Appraisal Review Under USPAP – Denver

March 7 through March 9, 2012
Doubletree Hotel Denver
Denver, CO
Get more information or register:

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Daily Market Info – Cattle, Grain, Hogs, Soybeans, Wheat
Management News: Wheat growers to tackle issues in Nashville
Appraisal News: NAIHP Exposes AMC Tax Evasion

Shared Documents:
Manure digester speadsheet By Stephen Bolt:
Green Regs & Annual Meeting Announcement by Gregory Snyder posted in Northeast Chapter:

Welcome New Members

Thank you for being a part of the ASFMRA! Help the ASFMRA welcome our new members. The ASFMRA appreciates every member for choosing the Society as the association you desire to affiliate with. The ASFMRA continues to make every effort to offer member services which will be of benefit to you professionally and personally.

We are recognizing new and reinstating members of the Society on a monthly basis. You may recognize your fellow peers in the following list and we encourage you to welcome them into the membership of the ASFMRA.

New Members
Brian Barnett with The Barnett Company, Inc. in McLean, VA (Northeast Chapter)
Jill Bauermeister with Bauermeister Appraisal Services, Inc. in Columbus, NE (Nebraska Chapter)
Kyle Bland with Farm Credit Services of Mid-America in New Albany, OH (Ohio Chapter)
Gary Bohlander with Halderman Farm Mgmt & Real Estate in Darlington, IN (Indiana Chapter)
Scott Bortolini with Cornerstone Appraisal Service, LLC in Kewaunee, WI (Wisconsin Chapter)
Michael Brady with Washington State University in Pullman, WA (Washington Chapter)
Joshua Castleman with Muscogee (Creek) Nation in Okmulgee, OK (Oklahoma Chapter)
Andrew Chamra in Ames, IA (Iowa Chapter)
Justin Die with Farmers National Company in Fort Worth, TX (Texas Chapter)
Joey Dores with Yosemite Farm Credit in Modesto, CA (California Chapter)
Anthony Grass with Bryan & Grass Appraisal, Inc. in Mount Shasta, CA (California Chapter)
John Herrity with Herrity Appraisal Services in Elk Point, SD (South Dakota Chapter)
Sara Huckfeldt with Farm Credit Services of America in North Platte, NE (Nebraska Chapter)
Collin Hurd in Ames, IA (Iowa Chapter)
David Kruse with CommStock Investments in Royal, IA (Iowa Chapter)
Benjamin McDonald in Ames, IA (Iowa Chapter)
Bethany Olson in Ames, IA (Iowa Chapter)
Brian Pedrick with Agrarian Associates, Inc. in Lebanon, PA (Northeast Chapter)
Adam Schmidt with AgStar Financial Services in Northfield, MN (Minnesota Chapter)
Jaret Sievers with Farm Credit Services of America in Sioux Falls, SD (South Dakota Chapter)
Joshua Smith with Farm Credit in Las Cruces, NM (New Mexico Chapter)
Rebekah Smith with Farm Credit Services of America in North Platte, NE (Nebraska Chapter)
James Tonsfeldt with Farm Credit Services of America in Perry, IA (Iowa Chapter)
Larry Trebesch with Fall Line Farms in Grandville, MI (Montana Chapter)
Joseph Tutterrow with The Nature Conservancy in Indiana in Indianapolis, IN (Indiana Chapter)
Mark Welty with Agri-World, Inc. in Greenville, MS (Mid-South Chapter)
Michael Young with Wegis & Young Property Management in Bakersfield, CA (California Chapter)
Kevin Ziegenmeyer with Seevers Jordan Ziegenmeyer in Rocklin, CA (California Chapter)

Education Foundation Auction

You do not want to miss this year’s Education Foundation Auction! Plans are being made and we need you to make the Auction a success again this year! We need your donations. The Education Foundation Auction’s success depends on you – the ASFMRA members, sponsors, Chapters, and nonmember supporters.

There are numerous opportunities for you to help. Donate an item for either or both the Live and Silent Auctions. No item is too small or too large. All items make a difference. Your attendance at this event shows your support and there is always something for everyone. Bid on items and bid often. You may be a winner of that special item. Volunteer to help with the Education Foundation Auction if you have time.

Make your plans to come to Indianapolis and be part of this special event. To make your tax deductible donation, simply Click here to go directly to the Auction Donation form.

The deadline for submitting Auction items is October 16, 2012. Auction items should be shipped directly to the Westin Indianapolis to arrive no later than Tuesday, October 25, 2012. Please address your packages as follows:
ATTN.: Hope Evans
c/o The Westin Indianapolis
50 S. Capital Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Hold for: ASFMRA / Oct. 29 – Nov. 2
Catering/Convention Service Mgr: Rebecca Moore

If you have any questions concerning donations, contact Hope Evans directly at: 303-692-1216 or THANK YOU for your generous donations and continued support.

MEMBERSHIP DUES RENEWALS – Online Paying and Receipts Available

As a reminder, you can pay your ASFMRA membership dues on-line! From this point forward, dues renewal invoices will continue to be sent via e-mail.

Simply go to the ASFMRA Web site (, log in (your Username is your First and Last name, altogether, no spaces and your Password is your member ID number), choose Update Profile, from the drop down menu choose ‘Pay Bills Online’, click Go, and your ASFMRA renewal dues invoice will appear. Then select the items you want to pay, click ‘Pay Selected Invoices’, and complete the information. It is that easy!

Need a receipt? Get a copy anytime day or night by simply going to the ASFMRA Web site (, log in, choose Update Profile, from the drop down menu choose ‘Order History’, click Go, from the second drop down menu choose which one you want such as ‘Orders placed in the past 6 months’, click Go, and your ASFMRA orders within the time period you specified will be listed. Click on the ‘View’ on the right hand side of the order you want to see. Your receipt for that order will appear. There is also a Printer Friendly option you can click on and then print the receipt. There is nothing else you have to do. It really is that simple!

News from The Appraisal Foundation

The Appraisal Practices Board (APB) has issued the following Exposure Draft:
Second Exposure Draft – Residential Appraising in a Declining Market

Issued on February 15, 2012
Written comments requested by March 23, 2012
Send Comments to 
Questions?  Please contact Staci Steward, Practices Administrator (

The Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) has issued 2012-13 USPAP Q&A on the following topics:
“Acting as an Appraiser”
Personal Property Appraisal Consulting
2012-13 USPAP Q&A
Questions?  Please contact Emily Mann, Standards Administrator,

The next public meeting of the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) is approaching.  Please take the time to register for this meeting if you plan to attend.

The Hilton Suites
198 East Delaware Place
Chicago, IL 60611
Friday, April 20, 2012
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Meeting Agenda:
-Adopted Revisions to the Future Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria
-Proposed Revisions to the Personal Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria
-Activities of the Course Approval Program
-National Licensing and Certification Examinations     
-Undergraduate/Graduate Degree in Real Estate Review Program
Direct Link:

Chapter News

Powerful Education…Timely Issues…SPRING AG OUTLOOK March 28-30

Experience powerful education and timely issues over one, two or three days…you make the choice! March 28-30 the California Chapter, ASFMRA will present the 2012 Spring Ag Outlook Conference – Navigating the Turbulence…Our Water, the World Economy and the Outlook for Major Commodities. The conference will be held at the Marriott Visalia/Convention Center in Visalia, CA and will incorporate a Water and Agriculture Education Tour; the Ag Outlook Conference (including the release of the 2012 Trends publication); and a Farm Management/Agricultural Consulting Seminar. You won’t want to miss the California Classic BBQ & Scholarship Auction, too!

Speakers highlighting the Outlook Conference this year include: Dr. Christopher Thornberg – The Economic Outlook for the Year Ahead; Gary Sawyers, Esq. – Water…The Supply and Regulatory Outlook for 2012; Jim Zion – Nut Industry Outlook; Blair Richardson – Tree Fruit Outlook; Paul Anema, CPA – The Dairy Outlook; and Nat DiBuduo, AFM – Wine Grape Industry Outlook. The 2012 Trends in Agricultural Land and Lease Values data will be presented by Tony Toso, ARA, Ben Slaughter, ARA, Jim Rickert, AFM, ARA and Jim Wheyland, ARA, AAC. It will be a very full and informative day!

The Water and Agriculture Education Tour will take place on Wednesday, March 28. The tour will focus on agriculture in Kern and Tulare counties and will visit both the Semitropic Water District and the Friant Water User’s Authority. With water being a critical issue for California agriculture, this tour promises to be a sellout! On Friday, March 30, the Farm Management / Agricultural Consulting Seminar II will be held, addressing the topics of Listening Skills, Body Language, Selling Skills, Principles of Leasing, Report Writing and Practical Applications of Budgeting.

If you’ve never attended the California Chapter’s premier spring event, we hope you will consider coming this year. Complete details can be found in the Spring Ag Outlook Conference Brochure.  On-Line Registration is available as well as registration by fax or mail using the Outlook Registration Form found on page 8 of the brochure.

For more information, please call the California Chapter office at (209) 368-3672 or email


Washington Chapter Spring Meeting
April 12-13, 2012
Inn at Horse Heaven, Prosser, WA
Download the brochure & registration form: WA_Spring 2012 meeting_registration 

The Un-Comfort Zone with Robert Wilson, Jr.
“Lubricate With Laughter”

I was three or four jokes into my routine, when I realized that one of the troublemakers my client warned me about sitting dead center on the front row. With arms firmly crossed over his chest, and a frown deeply embedded in his face, he was glaring defiantly at me with eyes that said, “You’ll never make me laugh.” In my mind, I silently agreed… (to read the entire article click here):


2012 National Land Conference:  Colorado Rocks

The best in the land business are convening in Denver, Colorado on March 26-28 to learn, network, build bonds, have fun, and make deals at the 2012 National Land Conference presented by the REALTORS® Land Institute.  Expert presenters cover topics relevant to the land professional.  Networking takes place during which deals are started and dollars are made.  A “Crossing Boundaries Marketing Session,” “Speed Networking, and the “Cowboy Auction” are some of the extra activities for making money, making connections, and having a good time.

To get more information, learn more and to register, go to: or call 1.800.441.5263 (LAND). 

Update Your Calendars with the Latest Meetings and Education Schedule

Stay current with all the programs and activities taking place within ASFMRA and the industry. Bookmark the ASFMRA website and check the calendar regularly. Click here to view the complete schedule of ASFMRA courses.

7/16-20  ASFMRA Summer Education Week – Des Moines, IA
9/9-13  Leadership Institute – Washington, DC
10/28-11/2 ASFMRA 83rd Annual Convention & Trade Show (Agronomics) – Indianapolis, IN
2/26-29 A102 Basic Appraisal Procedures – Denver, CO

3/5-6 A360 Introduction to Appraisal Review – Denver, CO
3/7-9 A370 Appraisal Review Under USPAP
3/8-9 Missouri Chapter Annual Meeting and Education – Jefferson City, MO
3/8 7- Hour National USPAP Update Course – Jefferson City, MO
3/9 Highest & Best Use Seminar – Jefferson City, MO
3/15-16 North Carolina Chapter Spring Meeting & Education – Cary, NC
3/15 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Cary, NC
3/16 Appraising Rural Residential Properties – Cary, NC
3/19-22 A301 Cost Approach for General Appraisers – Denver, CO
3/21 Iowa Chapter and RLI Spring Seminar – Ames, IA
3/21-22 Illinois Land Values Conference – Bloomington, IL
3/28 ASFMRA Best in Business Ethics for New Members Webinar – Internet
3/28-29 California Chapter Spring Ag Outlook Conference – Visalia, CA
3/30 Farm Management/Agricultural Consulting II Seminar – Visalia, CA

4/2-4 A250 Eminent Domain – Denver, CO
4/2-3 Oklahoma Chapter Meeting – Bartlesville, OK
4/3 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Bartlesville, OK
4/4-5 Florida Chapter Meeting & Education – Bartow, FL
4/4 Dairy Seminar – Bartow, FL
4/5 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Bartow, FL
4/9-12 A102 Basic Appraisal Procedures – Austin, TX (FCB)
4/12 Best Practices for Rural Appraisal Seminar – Ames, IA
4/12-13 Washington Chapter Spring Meeting and Education – Prosser, WA
4/12 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Prosser, WA
4/13 ASFMRA Best in Business Ethics Class – Prosser, WA
4/23-26 A302 Sales Comparison Approach for General Appraisers – Denver, CO
4/30 Current Environmental Issues Seminar – Lancaster, PA
4/30 – 5/2 Valuation of Conservation Easements & Other Partial Interests – Denver, CO
4/30-5/2 Northeast Chapter Meeting, Tour and Education – Lancaster, PA

5/3 Appraising Agricultural Land in Transition – Jackpot, NV
5/4 Highest and Best Use Seminar – Jackpot, NV
5/4 Appraiser Qualifications Board Meeting – Chicago, IL
5/7-10 A290 General Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use – Denver, CO
5/17 Board of Trustees, Sponsoring Organizations, and NACAO Meeting – San Antonio, TX
5/21 Cost Approach Seminar – Austin, TX (FCB)
5/21-23 A380 Appraisal Review under UASFLA – Denver, CO
5/23-25 A390 Advanced Appraisal Review Case Studies – Denver, CO

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