Ag News February 14, 2012

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Budget Deficit Key Driver Behind Land Boom
From LandOwner Newsletter

Whether or not the farmland market is in a bubble is not the key factor driving farmland values right now, states a noted real estate economist. Rather, key is what the federal government does about the federal deficit.

That’s the view expressed by Dr. Mark Dotzour, Chief Economist with the Texas Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University at the recent Land Investment Expo in West Des Moines, Iowa.

“It’s no secret that some people think farmland is in a bubble,” he states in a video of his remarks at the event. “With that in mind, I understand why people will continue to buy farmland in 2012. Login to Member Resources to download the latest issue and read more on page 2

GMO crops get big backer in Bill Gates
Logan Hawkes, Southwest Farm Press

Self-made billionaire, software magnate and philanthropist Bill Gates may not know everything about agriculture, but when it comes to addressing the problem of world hunger, he understands the meaning of making sound investments in the future.

“Right now, just over 1 billion people—about 15 percent of the people in the world—live in extreme poverty. On most days, they worry about whether their family will have enough food to eat. There is irony in this, since most of them live and work on farms. The problem is that their farms…don’t produce enough food for a family to live on,” writes Gates in his Fourth Annual Letter, released online by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gates says “innovation is the key to improving the world” and agricultural research represents the best method to achieve that goal.

Expansion of wind power generation continues to help fuel rural economies
From Kiplinger Agriculture Letter

Over 400 facilities, largely in rural areas, manufacture the generator parts, while the assembling of turbines and transmission lines also generates rural jobs. The industry will grow by at least 18% this year, based on the number of turbines being built for completion in ’12…following 17% capacity growth last year.

New units are planned in 31 states this year. In Kansas, more than 660 turbines are scheduled to come on line in months ahead. About 400 new turbines will spin into action in each of three leading wind power states: Calif., Texas and Illinois.Copyright 2012. The Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc.
Login to Member Resources to download the latest issue and read more:

2012 Membership Directory – Cell Numbers Now Included!

As a reminder: The ASFMRA 2012 Membership Directory will include your cell phone number! Members requested this be listed in the directory and 2012 will be the first year with this addition. Make sure your listing is correct today as the information will soon be pulled, printed, and published.

Simply go the ASFMRA Web site (, log in (your Username is your first and last name, altogether, no spaces and your Password is your member number), and choose Update Profile. Information listed there will include: your main contact information, phone/cell (if provided), e-mail address, your membership information, disciplines, your qualifications, degrees you have earned, other designations you hold, your mailing address, and your alternate address.

Your listing in the ASFMRA 2012 Membership Directory will come from this information. Remember: Your directory listing consists of your name, membership classification, mailing address, telephone number, cell phone number, fax number, e-mail address, Web site, and any additional designations you have listed that you hold.

You read that correctly – Your cell phone number will be listed in the ASFMRA 2012 Membership Directory. If you have your cell phone number listed on your membership information, but do not want it listed in the directory, please opt out by sending an e-mail with the Subject line of: No Cell Listed in Directory and include your complete name to Hope Evans at:

Please review this information and make any necessary changes to ensure your listing in the Membership Directory is correct. You may also contact Jeremy Lewis at 303.692.1218 or with your changes.

Welcome New and Reinstated Members

Thank you for being a part of the ASFMRA! Help the ASFMRA welcome our new and reinstated members. The ASFMRA appreciates every member for choosing the Society as the association you desire to affiliate with. The ASFMRA continues to make every effort to offer member services which will be of benefit to you professionally and personally.

We are recognizing new and reinstating members of the Society on a monthly basis. You may recognize your fellow peers in the following list and we encourage you to welcome them into the membership of the ASFMRA.

New Members
Daniel Corrie with Corrie Appraisal & Consulting, Inc. in Charleston, IL (Illinois Chapter)
Donald Edie with EST Appraisers, Inc. in Washington, IL (Illinois Chapter)
Mike Estadt with The Ohio State University Extension in Circleville, OH (Ohio Chapter)
James Green in Sacramento, CA (California Chapter)
Paul Handsaker with LG Seeds in Pearl City, IL (Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin Chapters)
Robert Hostetter with Farm Credit East, ACA in Potsdam, NY (Northeast Chapter)
Keenan Kenimer with Paul Moore Appraisal Services LLC in Lexington, KY (Kentucky Chapter)
Lane Merz in Lincoln, NE (Nebraska Chapter)
Kevin Ohlman with Central Realty, Inc. in Central City, NE (Nebraska Chapter)
Jerylin Reed in Brookings, SD (South Dakota Chapter)
Peter Smith in Atlantic, IA (Iowa Chapter)
Lee Steigerwaldt with Steigerwaldt Land Services, Inc. in Tomahawk, WI (Wisconsin Chapter)

Reinstated Members
Greg Burnside, AFM in Iowa (Iowa Chapter)
Darrell Dunteman, AAC with Bonnett and Dunteman LLC in Bushnell, IL (Illinois Chapter)
Brent Groenenberg with Wells Fargo Bank Ag Industries in Visalia, CA (California Chapter)
Mark Hutson with Farmland Management Services in Turlock, CA (California Chapter)

Introduction to Appraisal Review
March 5-6, 2012
Denver, CO

This class will teach participants about the Appraisal review process through lecture, class discussion, reviewing appraisals, and reporting the results of that review.  More info:

Introduction to Appraisal Review under USPAP
March 7-9, 2012
Denver, CO

Designed to teach the student how to review an appraisal report under the standards in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).
For complete info:

California Chapter Spring Ag Outlook Promises High Impact Program!

Navigating the Turbulence…Our Water, the World Economy and the Outlook for Major Commodities is the theme of the 2012 Spring Ag Outlook Conference presented by the Califoria Chapter, ASFMRA March 28-30 in Visalia, CA. Conference highlights include a full day Water and Agriculture Education Tour, a lineup of conference speakers that reads like the New York Times Best Sellers List, and the release of the 2012 Trends in Agricultural Land and Lease Values publication. The chapter is pleased to present Dr. Christopher Thornberg, founding partner of Beacon Economics, as the conference keynote on March 29th. Dr.Thornberg is widely considered to be one of California’s leading economic forecasters and has appeared on CNN, NPR and is regularly quoted in major national dailies including the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

The annual California Classic BBQ & Scholarship Auction is also on the conference schedule along with the second Farm Management/Agricultural Consulting Seminar that is part of the chapter’s Advanced Education for Agriculture Professionals program. The conference will be headquartered at the Marriott Visalia /Convention Center with bus transportation provided for the tour and to the BBQ. On-line registration is available for all events at or contact the chapter office at (209) 368-3672 with any questions. See complete details in the 2012 Spring Ag Outlook Conference Brochure.

News and Announcements from the Appraisal Foundation

The Appraisal Foundation Receives High Marks in GAO Survey
State Appraiser Regulators Evaluate Current System

Washington, DC — A recent survey conducted by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) of state appraiser regulatory programs has produced high marks for The Appraisal Foundation regarding its effectiveness in issuing appraisal standards and appraiser qualifications.     

The survey, which was performed in conjunction with the GAO study issued last month entitled “Real Estate Appraisals: Appraisal Subcommittee Needs to Improve Monitoring Procedures,” contained 65 questions relating to the effectiveness of the current real property appraiser regulatory system.   In addition to the effectiveness of the Foundation, state appraiser regulators were asked about other topics such as state agency structure and resources, the appraisal complaint process, the Appraisal Subcommittee, and the current appraisal threshold of $250,000. Fifty of the fifty-five states and territories that regulate real property appraisers responded to the survey. The individual state responses to the survey were not made available to the public.
Read more:

The Appraisal Foundation Seeks Candidates for
Vacancies on Board of Trustees and Appraisal Practices Board
Application Deadline is April 2, 2012

Washington, DC — The Appraisal Foundation is seeking qualified candidates to serve on its Board of Trustees and the Appraisal Practices Board (APB). There are four At-Large Trustee seats available as of December 31, 2012 and three seats on the APB as of June 30, 2012. Completed applications for vacancies on the Board of Trustees and the APB must be received by April 2, 2012. The search for qualified candidates for the AQB and ASB will begin in late spring of 2012.
disciplines. Read more.

The Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) has issued 2012-13 USPAP Q&A on the following topic:
Appraisal Development – Scope of Work Issues
Marketing Time on Appraisal Forms

2012-13 USPAP Q&A
Questions?  Please contact Emily Mann, Standards Administrator,

New High-Oleic Trait Meets Customer Needs While Protecting U.S. Soybean Demand

With robust soy demand and a strong animal agriculture customer base, the U.S. soy industry may have found it easy to overlook the fact that soy oil lost 15 percent of its market share during the past six years. Experts say the decline can be attributed to the increased substitution of other oils due to consumer concerns about trans fats. According to Michael Boehlje, Ph.D., agricultural economist at Purdue University, this trend could have lasting negative effects if it continues.

Fortunately for U.S. soybean farmers, high-oleic soybeans can help them increase demand for their soybeans and reclaim lost oil market share to positively impact their profit potential. The oil from high-oleic soybean varieties allows for more flexible food use and opens the door for additional uses for soy oil to set it apart from competitive oils.

Boehlje believes that very strong Chinese demand for U.S. soy helped overshadow declining soy oil demand from the food industry.  He says if not for the increase in soy demand from China, the loss of soy oil demand would have impacted soybean prices and been recognized as a bigger issue.

While in recent years soybean exports to China expanded profoundly, Boehlje believes indicators show that growth could slow from this rapid pace in the future. If this does happen, Boehlje says other uses for soy will become increasingly more important.

“We forgot the fact that we were losing oil market share, and it is essential to reverse this trend,” says Boehlje. “We shouldn’t count on soybean exports to be the only source of soybean demand and growth. It is important for farmers and the soybean industry to focus on the growth opportunities for soybeans and to have diversified sources of demand for both soybean oil and meal.”

High-oleic soybeans could mean a bright future for soybean production that will help U.S. farmers respond to customer needs. High-oleic soybean oil provides healthier, more stable oil for industry customers than other competitive oils. The high-oleic trait focuses on an end-use customer for soybeans, providing direct benefits for them and opening opportunities for U.S. soybean farmers.

Office Depot Deals for Month of February


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Share Your Thoughts (Blogs) on AgProLink

Does the B word scare you? Fear not, blogs are easy as one, two, three on AgProLink. Check out the latest by Carmen Bierschwale from Texas and Tyler Mark from Kentucky.

Internship Opportunities
By Tyler Mark on AgProLink

At the winter meetings I asked if anyone would be interested in hiring an intern or is looking to hire someone in a more permanent role. I have several students at Morehead State that would be… more:

Howdy Texas Chapter!
By Carmen Bierschwale

Carmen here. I have been updating my profile here on AgProLink and working on the Texas Chapter forum. I would like to start using this site to keep chapter members informed…. more:

Update Your Calendars with the Latest Meetings and Education Schedule

Stay current with all the programs and activities taking place within ASFMRA and the industry. Bookmark the ASFMRA website and check the calendar regularly. View the complete schedule of ASFMRA courses.

7/16-20  ASFMRA Summer Education Week – Des Moines, IA
9/9-13  Leadership Institute – Washington, DC
10/28-11/2 ASFMRA 83rd Annual Convention & Trade Show (Agronomics) – Indianapolis, IN
2/13-14 Indiana Chapter Winter Annual Meeting & Education – Lafayette, IN
2/14-16 Nebraska Chapter Annual Meeting & Education – Kearney, NE
2/14 Sales Comparison Approach Seminar – Kearney, NE
2/15-16 Colorado Chapter Spring Meeting & Education – Colorado Springs, CO
2/15 7- Hour National USPAP Update Course – Bloomington, IL
2/16 7- Hour National USPAP Update Course – Colorado Springs, CO
2/16-17 Illinois Chapter Annual Meeting – Bloomington, IL
2/22-24 Kansas Chapter Annual Meeting & Education – Salina, KS
2/22 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Salina, KS
2/23 Animal Agriculture’s Story: Economics, Impacts, Perceptions and Ramifications – Salina, KS
2/22-25 A101 Basic Appraisal Principles – Denver, CO
2/23-24 Texas Chapter Spring Meeting and Education – Fort Worth, TX
2/23-24 7- Hour National USPAP Update Course (2 Half Days) – Fort Worth, TX
2/23-24 Arizona Chapter Spring Ag Outlook Forum – Tempe, AZ
2/23 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Tempe, AZ
2/26-29 A102 Basic Appraisal Procedures – Denver, CO

3/5-6 A360 Introduction to Appraisal Review – Denver, CO
3/7-9 A370 Appraisal Review Under USPAP
3/8-9 Missouri Chapter Annual Meeting and Education – Jefferson City, MO
3/8 7- Hour National USPAP Update Course – Jefferson City, MO
3/9 Highest & Best Use Seminar – Jefferson City, MO
3/15-16 North Carolina Chapter Spring Meeting & Education – Cary, NC
3/15 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Cary, NC
3/16 Appraising Rural Residential Properties – Cary, NC
3/19-22 A301 Cost Approach for General Appraisers – Denver, CO
3/21 Iowa Chapter and RLI Spring Seminar – Ames, IA
3/21-22 Illinois Land Values Conference – Bloomington, IL
3/28-29 California Chapter Spring Ag Outlook Conference – Visalia, CA

4/2-4 A250 Eminent Domain – Denver, CO
4/2-3 Oklahoma Chapter Meeting – Bartlesville, OK
4/3 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Bartlesville, OK
4/4-5 Florida Chapter Meeting & Education – Bartow, FL
4/4 Dairy Seminar – Bartow, FL
4/5 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Bartow, FL
4/9-12 A102 Basic Appraisal Procedures – Austin, TX (FCB)
4/12-13 Washington Chapter Spring Meeting and Education – Prosser, WA
4/12 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course – Prosser, WA
4/13 ASFMRA Best in Business Ethics Class – Prosser, WA
4/23-26 A302 Sales Comparison Approach for General Appraisers – Denver, CO
4/30 Current Environmental Issues Seminar – Lancaster, PA
4/30 – 5/2 Valuation of Conservation Easements & Other Partial Interests – Denver, CO
4/30-5/2 Northeast Chapter Meeting, Tour and Education – Lancaster, PA

5/3 Appraising Agricultural Land in Transition – Jackpot, NV
5/4 Highest and Best Use Seminar – Jackpot, NV
5/4 Appraiser Qualifications Board Meeting – Chicago, IL
5/7-10 A290 General Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use – Denver, CO
5/17 Board of Trustees, Sponsoring Organizations, and NACAO Meeting – San Antonio, TX
5/21 Cost Approach Seminar – Austin, TX (FCB)
5/21-23 A380 Appraisal Review under UASFLA – Denver, CO
5/23-25 A390 Advanced Appraisal Review Case Studies – Denver, CO

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