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What people are saying about our education

Tell us what you think. We love to hear from people that have taken our classroom and webinar offerings and have gone through the accreditation process. Good or bad, we want to hear from you. Who knows, you might even find your comments posted here one day.

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Here are just some of the comments we have received. Take a look at what people are saying our Accreditation Designations, our Courses and Seminar, and our Webinar offerings.


  • Becoming an Accredited Farm Manager will allow me to service my clients at a higher level.   – Jason Ray, AFM 
  • Attaining my AFM Designation through ASFMRA recognizes my dedication to both personal and professional growth. It has been a unique opportunity. – Eric Stolness, AFM  
  • I have enjoyed being a member of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers and the education experience and opportunities that I have been blessed with. I look forward to the experiences that lie ahead with this AFM Designation.  – Matthew L. Mann, AFM
  • The training I received has proven beneficial to me in a way that I can better serve my clients.  The accreditation process will help me step ahead of my competition by giving me the knowledge and skills to assure my clients’ success in their farmland investment and provide the best possible service. - Mark Rhea, AFM
  • ASFMRA coursework was very practical and I applied an actual case study problem to sharpen my farm management skill set. I am honored to join the elite group of Accredited Farm Managers. - John Yeomans, AFM
  • The new education modules — Ag Land Management 1-4 — provided the foundation for me to successfully complete the accreditation process.  The ability to interact with the instructors and the other students was very helpful and provided an opportunity to test ideas and share experiences.  Completing the accreditation process has definitely had a positive impact on my career. — Joe Dierker, AFM
  • I am honored to receive the ARA designation. This achievement for time devoted to learning a rigorous curriculum and intense testing is rewarding. I look forward to practicing and utilizing the skills I have learned from the ASFMRA now and in the future. - David Cross, ARA
  • Acquiring the ARA designation places me within an elite group of professionals that are recognized for high quality and superior services provided to our clients. - Bonnie M. Downing, ARA
  • I think that through the education and accreditation process they will better allow me to serve my clients needs. – Paul Herrington, ARA
  • The RPRA designation is a very well respected professional designation among review appraisers, and I am proud to have achieved this recognition. - Susan T. Waller, RPRA
  • The RPRA designation will give me the tools to provide a higher level of competence and service to my employer and the appraisers I work with. – Jerry R. Juhnke, RPRA

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Courses and Seminars

  • It challenged our abilities and reinforced knowledge.
  • Instructors had experience related to the topics.
  • I am not a review appraiser, but it was good information to learn as my reports are reviewed and what is considered.
  • Learned a lot more of Excel than I have ever learned from any other course.
  • I appreciated the information shared by class attendees as well with ways they are leveraging these new technologies.
  • That the instructors freely offer one-on-one tutoring during the class (while case studies are underway), and offer to be available in the classroom after hours for any and all inquiries blows me away!
  • I just finished A400. It was a great course with a couple of fantastic instructors. Lots of helpful take home information and interesting applications. Thanks.
  • The class was excellent! Both the preparation and presentation were superbly done, a testament to the professionalism of the instructor and ASFMRA!
  • As a new member of ASFMRA and an appraisal student, I found the courses to be well prepared, interesting, and challenging. In addition, most of the courses went beyond the minimum requirements, giving me a better education than other providers.
  • The instructors are experienced and extremely knowledgeable in the courses they teach. The instructors not only teach you the material, they provide real world examples from their appraisal careers. The examples strengthen your educational experience by allowing you to relate what you are learning to the real world.
  • I believe I am receiving the best education I can, and am creating a strong foundation for my career.
  • The instructor was very enthusiastic and made the class interesting and stayed on topic.
  • Instructor did a good job of covering the material in an interesting manner.
  • Knowledgeable instructors who took time to explain and put the information in perspective.
  • The instructors had excellent knowledge and experience to convey.
  • Excellent material, well organized – case study and work problems stimulating and challenging.
  • Instructors provided real life examples from their own experience.
  • It came closest to representing practical problems we face daily of any course I’ve taken.
  • From beginning to end – absolutely packed with relevant course work. Many examples and practice problems
  • Instructor did a good job of covering the material in an interesting manner.
  • The instructors had excellent knowledge and experience to convey.
  • More in-depth detail than previous Yellow Book courses I have taken.
  • Practical application to real world.
  • Direct regarding target skills. No misdirection or time wasting stupid problems. Time well spent on focused goals and skills.
  • Excellent instructors, good pace, good case study examples – challenging but fair.
  • Knowledge level of instructors was very good.
  • Real world discussions and issues.
  • The instructors were experienced and professional.

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  • I’m almost afraid of a computer, but this Webinar class was easy! A great experience.
  • Leonard did a great job and I was pleasantly surprised by the Webinar. It ran smooth and class participation was good. I did however think the test was wordy and a little too in-depth for the four hour class.
  • The web class was an excellent option for me to gain the needed CE.
  • This was my first webinar it was a good experience I think that it went well. I do miss the classroom interaction, however it fit into my schedule and like that I had the option available to me.
  • A bit sceptical at first, but upon completion realized that this type of instruction saves the membership considerable time and money. While not all of us are computer wizards, even an old ARA like me was impressed and able to handle a webinar. Excellent method of educating our membership.
  • I typically like learning in a classroom setting, but Leonard does a great job with Webinars… I might never go back to wanting to “go to class”.

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