Real Property Review Appraiser

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Application Deadline: January 15/April 1 

Please submit your application with your appraisal demo by the application deadline listed above. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mya Sadler at or (303) 692-1224.

The complexity of today’s financial and legal environments demands expertise for appraisal review services. Real Property Review Appraisers prepare a professional review that is an in-depth analysis of the accumulation of those underlying factors that, when combined, serve as a basis for the estimate of value of the property. The reviewer confirms that the appraiser properly assessed those factors in reaching the value estimate. A review assures an accurate appraisal of real property involved in a transaction such as inheritance taxes, estate planning, buying or selling, settling an estate or dividing a property. A competently-prepared appraisal review also gives added support to the strength of an appraisal, or will identify the weaknesses and corrections necessary to make the appraisal acceptable. The RPRA is uniquely educated, understands the changing face of the appraisal industry, and can ensure that an appraisal is in compliance with regulations and requirements. The RPRAs appraisal review provides a superior evaluation for all types of enterprises and properties.

The RPRA signifies the highest level of expertise in the review appraisal process. The RPRAs advanced expertise ensures accuracy for clients needing appraisal reviews of complex properties or situations. An RPRA adheres to the requirements of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and has additional expertise exceeding state certification and licensing requirements.


  • Provides focus and knowledge in appraisal review
  • Is educated and trained to provide an expert opinion of appraisals
  • Can determine if appraisals comply with government regulations and Requirements
  • Networks with colleagues for assistance when unusual or special circumstances arise


  • Court reconciliation-valuations, condemnations, and bankruptcy
  • Assist in estate planning, property division, IRS 1031 exchanges and foreclosure
  • Additional support for:
    • Sale price values
    • Investments
    • Ownership rights
    • Loan security
    • Value disputes

Here is a brief check list of what you need. Please take a look at the Accreditation Checklist for full details.

  • Five years experience
  • A four-year college degree or equivalent
  • One demonstration report
  • Be a current ASFMRA Member prior to submitting application
  • Provide evidence of certificate as a Certified
    General Appraiser under the current laws and regulations of any state,
    for the applicant who works within the United States
  • Complete and pass the appropriate appraisal classes. Please note:
    all course work must be successfully completed at least 30 days prior
    to sitting for the accrediting exam.
  • Complete the application for the final accrediting exam. (A payment
    in the amount of $350 must accompany the application)
  • Take and pass the accrediting exam
Real Property Review Appraiser (RPRA)  
Basic Appraisal Principles 30  hours
Basic Appraisal Procedures 30  hours
15 Hour National USPAP Course 15  hours
Real Estate Finance, Statistics & Valuation Modeling 15  hours
General Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use 30  hours
Cost Approach for General Appraisers 30  hours
Sales Comparison Approach for General Appraisers 30  hours
Income Approach for General Appraisers, Part 1 30  hours
General Appraisers Income Approach, Part 2 (AI) 30  hours
General Appraisers Report Writing & Case Studies (AI/ASA) 30  hours
Integrated Approaches to Value 30  hours
7 Hour National USPAP Course 7  hours
ASFMRA Best in Business Ethics for New Members 5  hours
Eminent Domain 22  hours
Advanced Rural Case Studies 40  hours
Valuation of Conservation Easements and Other Partial Interests in Real Estate 24  hours
Introduction to Appraisal Review 16  hours
Appraisal Review Under USPAP 24  hours
Appraisal Review Under UASFLA 20  hours
Advanced Appraisal Review Case Studies 20  hours
Total 478  hours
*Additional Requirements

  • Certified General Appraisal certificate
  • 5 years Rural Appraisal Experience
  • A four-year college degree or equivalent
  • One demonstration report; six appraisal reports from log
  • Comprehensive exam


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