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Accredited Rural Appraisers Designation 2011 Application Deadline: January 15
Accreditation Exam Held:
During Summer Education Week

Application Deadline: April 1
Accreditation Exam Held:
During ASFMRA Annual Meeting

Please submit your application by the deadline listed above. Mya Sadler, Director of Education, is available to assist you with questions at or (303) 692-1224.

Program Overview 

Obtaining a designation is a long and demanding process from any organization. ASFMRA believes that you don’t need to start over to obtain our Accredited Rural Appraiser (ARA) designation and created a “Fast Track” program for professionals that have already obtained a designation from another organization with a comparable process to ours. An appraiser who has received the ARA designation is trained and tested to ensure they are equipped with the tools necessary to tackle a wide spectrum of real estate valuation assignments.

Listed below are the requirements you will need to complete for your ARA designation.

Designation Requirements

  • Applicant must complete the experience requirement. Experience must include five years of appraisal experience with a year consisting of at least 1,600 hours. Of the 1,600 hours, at least 600 must be in rural appraisal. No more than 100 hours of the 600 required rural appraisal hours can be from rural residential appraising or reviewing.

  • Successfully pass ASFMRA Ethics course

  • Hold membership in ASFMRA

  • Hold current state certified general licensing in good standing

  • Be an active member in good standing and hold a designation from an organization that requires passing a demonstration report

  • Complete the application for ARA Fast Track accreditation

  • Pass ARA comprehensive exam

You must be a member of ASFMRA before you take the ARA Accreditation Exam.

You can fill out the membership application online.

Learn more about Membership Benefits

If you have questions about Membership or the Membership application, please contact Hope Evans at 303-692-1214 or

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