Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives of ASFMRA

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Most Trusted Land Experts of ASFMRA


ASFMRA is recognized as The Most Trusted Rural Property Professionals.


ASFMRA helps its members protect and serve their clients with trustworthy valuation, management, consulting and marketing services.


    • Broaden Our Community
    • Improve Education Delivery
    • Improve Organizational Efficiency


The general objective of the American Society is to promote, without profit to itself, the professions of rural appraisal, real property review appraisal and farm management by holding meetings for the exchange of ideas, conducting schools and other devices for disseminating information, as well as administering an accrediting program for the recognition of the professional advancement of individual members, building and maintaining a code of business and professional ethics, and by other means approved by the Board of Directors.

The American Society may, in addition to its general objective:

  • Establish sound standards, principles, and procedures for farm management and rural appraisal
  • Maintain a high code of business and professional ethics
  • Provide meetings where appraisers and managers may learn from recognized authorities and each other
  • Conduct training and educational programs or seminars, workshops and schools in farm management, rural and review appraising, eminent domain and related areas.
  • Administer an Accrediting program for its members
  • Publish a professional Journal
  • Publish a newsletter
  • Publish a farm management manual, a rural appraisal manual, and other publications
  • Provide an awards program to recognize those in the profession and related areas for their accomplishements
  • Inspire public recognition of the profession
  • Constantly strive to improve the standards and quality of services offered by members.
  • Cooperate with, and support, all worthy agencies striving to improve American agriculture.