Appraisal Training

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ASFMRA is an internationally recognized leader in appraisal training. We are a not-for-profit appraisal society and sponsoring member of the Appraisal Foundation providing education since 1929 and serving all jurisdictions in the United States. We provide Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB) and state approved appraisal training for certified general licensure and for continuing education. 


Why take American Society courses?

  • Real World Practicality – our appraisal training is known for its balance of theory and real world application. You’ll learn the theory and then practice its use to ensure you are skilled and proficient in its application.
  • Highest Quality Courses – our appraisal training is developed by some of the most qualified and experienced appraisers in the profession. The courses are designed to complement the presentation of theory with practical application. No one teaches you the theory or the “how to” better than ASFMRA.
  • Outstanding Instructors – All American Society instructors are experienced practicing appraisers or reviewers with years of experience who have demonstrated their expertise by earning an ASFMRA professional designation. Many of our instructors have considerable experience teaching and play leading roles in the profession.
  • Specialized – ASFMRA is one of only a handful of appraisal training organization that offers certified general education and we have been doing it since licensing began. We also provide continuing education on specialized appraisals such as Yellow Book, conservation easements, timber, natural resources, agricultural lands in transition and much more.

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