Contracting ASFMRA Courses and Seminars

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ASFMRA has put together the procedures for offering our education. The information below is provided to you as a guide to help you – and the ASFMRA Education Department – deliver a successful education offering.

Have an idea for an education offering? Please contact Mya Sadler at 303-692-1224 or for more information.

Here is a summary of the process for offering an ASFMRA course with links to the section that describes each step in the process in more detail:




Wrap Up

Contact Deanna Ilk at 303-692-1222 or

The first step in this process is to contact ASFMRA.  It is critical that you make this contact before doing anything else. ASFMRA keeps most of its seminars up to date and ready for delivery.  However, it is not uncommon for us to need to make some updates to a seminar before it is offered.  If we don’t have enough time to work with the developer on updates prior to your offering, materials will be outdated and the students and instructor will not be satisfied.  Additionally, we do not keep all courses and seminars approved in all states.  This process can take three months or more to complete.

Please give us as much advance notice as you can about what you are planning to offer.  Then we have time to make sure the material is up to date and to get any state approvals that are needed.

Pick a course/seminar

The ASFMRA has a list of available courses (appraisal and management) and seminars with description and hours on the website for your convenience.

Have an idea for an education offering or do not see what you are looking for? Please contact Mya Sadler at 303-692-1224 or for more information.

Contact an Instructor

In order to offer ASFMRA classes, you must use an approved ASFMRA instructor.  ASFMRA can assist you with the selection of an instructor, but we do not normally handle the contracting of that instructor.  Before announcing any offering please make sure you have an agreement with an approved instructor for the fee, delivery dates and any other related matters.

There are two ways to look up an ASFMRA instructor:

  • If you know who you want to instruct, go to the ASFMRA Instructor page and confirm that they are approved to teach the course you are offering.  Contact information can be found on that page as well.
  • If you are looking for an instructor, you can search by class title. That list can be found here along with their contact information.

Pricing for Chapters

ASFMRA has a flat per student fee for all courses and seminars that are offered by ASFMRA Chapters.  This fee includes all the following:

  • Student notebooks and instructor materials
  • State Approvals
  • Marketing support through ASFMRA publications and website
  • Shipping and related services
  • Certificates of completion
  • Documentation of course completion for each student in the student’s record in the ASFMRA database

The price for the specific class you want to deliver will be provided during your initial discussion with ASFMRA.

If you are an outside organization, please contact us for pricing so we can work with your specific needs.

Location, Location, Location

Selection and procurement of a location is the responsibility of the organization planning to offer the class.  Most chapters and other organization will contract with a hotel for meeting space.  However, many of the businesses that employ ASFMRA members have meeting facilities large enough for most classes and these spaces can often be utilized for a low cost or even free of charge. We would suggest you consider the following in your selection of a location:

  • Size  — Is the facility large enough for the attendance you anticipate?
  • Amenities — Does it serve food if you plan to offer meals? Does it offer internet, audio/video support, etc.?
  • Ease of travel — Consider how your attendees will travel and the time to commute.  Is the location near an airport? Near a major highway? Centrally located in your state?
  • Activities or attractions in the area — Are there other things in the area that will be a draw?  Will attendees have options outside the meeting facility for dining and entertainment?

Once you have the location of your offering, please send the information to Deanna Ilk. This information will be placed on the website, included in our promotions and will be submitted to the states that require a specific location for approval. 

State Approvals

The ASFMRA will submit your offering for approval.  Please note this can be a lengthy process.  Please let the Education Department know as soon as you decide on an offering and instructor.  This way we can apply for approvals if necessary.

The ASFMRA strives to keep its education approved in the states.  However, we cannot guarantee the approval. On rare occasions, states may change the status of a particular approval, and ASFMRA may or may not be made aware of these changes. Please check with Deanna Ilk about any approvals you have questions on.

 ASFMRA will pay for the approval of the offering in the state is it being offering in and the surrounding states.  If the Chapter would like additional state approvals, they need to contact Deanna Ilk with that information.

Here is a list of the surrounding states we use for each state.

Appraisal courses/seminars

ASFMRA will obtain the Appraisal approvals at no charge to the Chapter. Real Estate credit for appraisal courses is not routinely obtained.  If you want Real Estate credit for an appraisal course, we will process the applications and bill you for the fees.  Please contact Deanna Ilk for more information.

Management and Consulting courses/seminars

ASFMRA will obtain the Real Estate approvals at no cost to the Chapter. Appraisal credit for Management/Consulting courses is not routinely obtained.  If you want Appraisal credit for a Management/Consulting course, we will process the applications and bill you for the fees.  Please contact Deanna Ilk for more information.


ASFMRA offers the ability to set up your ASFMRA offering in our system and run all registration through the ASFMRA website.  This gives your members a simple and familiar registration system that is available 24/7.  The system populates automatically with membership and contact information from our database and dramatically simplifies their registration.  The system also simplifies your work.  There are no registrations to manage, no credit cards to process and no rosters to produce.  We will provide you with registration numbers, rosters, grade sheet, name badges or just an excel file of your registration if you prefer. 

The best news is all we want in return is to cover our credit card fees. So, for this service, we will charge you 3.5% for those registrations processed.  No additional fees will be charged.  At the end of the course, we cut you a check for the total registration minus the per-student fee and the 3.5%.  You gain by lessening your work and enhancing your service to your members, the student gains by having access to a simple 24 hour registration service and we gain by simplifying our data entry and helping you attract more students

If you choose to take care of your own registration, ASFMRA can still take credit card payments if you need us to.  There is a 3.5% charge per credit card payment.


We are here to help you!  We want your event to succeed!  We automatically place your offering on our list of scheduled courses that appears on our website.  We will also put it on our monthly education promo that goes out to members and nonmembers the first Wednesday of each month.  Please note, the list of Chapter Education includes all classes we know about as far as three months out. If you have low enrollment, the ASFMRA can help by emailing out a promo for your upcoming education.  For more details or to request a promo to be sent, please contact Jaleen Edwards.


The ASFMRA produces and ships all the material needed for your class.  This material includes student notebooks, registration paperwork, and if you have used our online registration system, preprinted name badges, rosters and grade sheets.

Michelle Guszak is the member of the ASFMRA team who produces and ships the course materials.  She will contact you about 10 days prior to our shipping date to get an idea of how many students you have registered. If ASFMRA is taking registrations, we will call or email to discuss the numbers and determine how many books to send. She will also contact you a day or two before she ships the material out to you to see if you require any extra material.  In all cases we send an extra couple of books (sometimes more) to ensure anyone registering onsite will have materials.  The boxes we ship have bright orange stickers on them that makes them easier to find.

We ship all of our material FedEx ground and we use the information provided by FedEx for how long it will take to ship the material out to you. Here is a map from FedEx for ground shipping from our zip code.


Inside the packages you will receive the student materials along with some paperwork. 

  • Grade Sheet: Everyone attending the offering must sign the grade sheet both in the morning and afternoon, or we cannot guarantee they will receive state credit if they do not sign the grade sheet.  The original is sent back to the National Office.
  • Certificate order form:  Please make sure that either you or the instructor hands one out to each participant.  This is a way for the student to let us know what state they are looking for credit in.  Each state is different in how they award credit to students.  Also, we can use this to update any new contact information the student has.  The students are emailed their completion certificate; therefore we must have accurate email addresses. 
  • Bio: We will send a bio of the instructor(s) that are teaching to be handed out to each student.
  • Evaluations: These are now done via Survey Monkey. We will send an email with a link to the survey to all of the participants. These surveys can be customized for your event. Please contact Michelle Guszak if you would like any special customization for the survey for your specific offering. We ask that you send us a list of attendees with contact information prior to the offering date so the survey can be sent to the participants the first business day after the event. Once we have about a 70% response rate, the results will be sent to the chapter via email.
  • 2 day FedEx Envelope: This is provided for you to send back the grade sheet, certificate order form, and writing utensils.

 Please ship back any unused notebooks/materials back to the National office.  We will send a FedEx shipping label for you to send the unused notebooks/materials back to the National Office.


Once all of the grade sheets and certificate order forms have been received at the National Office and the information entered in to the database, we will email certificates to all students.  The typical turnaround time is about 10 days from when we receive the information in the office. We use the certificate order forms to help us get the correct state specific completion certificates to the students.  They come from Deanna Ilk and are a PDF attachment.  We provide paper copies by mail for anyone who requests them.


Once the class has been reconciled, we will send you an invoice or, in the case of classes which have used our online registration system, a check. 

An invoice will be sent to the Chapter Secretary via email from Mya Sadler and it is a PDF attachment.  We ask that you pay the invoice within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. 

If you used our online registration system, we will send you a check minus the per-student fee and the 3.5% credit card fee.  We can do a ACH transfer if we have current bank information for the Chapter.  Or a check will be mailed to you. 

If you have any questions about an invoice or deposit, please contact Mya Sadler.